Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is FOOTBALL!!!

Which one of us could have known? To a certain extent, I did expect this, but I can say that I wasn't prepared for the thrashing we received last night. Unfortunately for us, we had to play a knock-out round to qualify for the round robin style group stage. We were soundly trounced. This is not to say that the lads didn't perform, in fact I laud the efforts of each member of Blue Shell.

Our match was scheduled for 10 PM, and in true football fashion, we played in wet conditions. Running out onto the pitch, I could feel the cold air challenge my muscles. Blue Shell had quite a following there last night, and as much as we competed for the ball and for goals on the pitch, our supporters vied for aural supremacy with those of our opponents' supporters off of it. But we were, without a doubt, outclassed. They were harder, better, faster and stronger. We lost 6 - 0, with barely a look-in towards their goal. All in all though, we had good fun, and it was nice to find out just where we stood within the bigger picture of football within the university.

The wet weather has continued into today as the sky is splashed with slate-grey clouds and the ground outside is damp but in the distance, sunlight perforates through. The scene looks heavenly. It's funny though, since I never used to like the rain. I used to hate how I could never go out. At how I could not see my friends. I didn't like to get my socks and shoes wet. The cuffs of my jeans dirty. I hated all of it. But now, the gloom brings along with it such a sense of romanticism. Images of cups of hot chocolate come to mind, staying in with my better half, who incidentally is half-way across the world. But being on my own right now is also okay, the mood inspires introspection and reflection, and more than that, appreciation. One need only stare out his window into the beauty beyond. Yeah, I know, it sounds so corny, but it's true...and, it works.


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