Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiration and Perspiration.

I'm not sure what your reasons are for reading my blog, (unless you're one of the many who I've systematically coerced into becoming my followers) but chances are that you're bored. We've all been there. Small amounts are harmless but large doses are fatal (well...not really). I remember a long time ago (in a galaxy far away) where I became extremely bored. Time seems to slow down to a snail's pace and you go quite insane! Consequently, I quickly learned how to circumvent those episodes. And I discovered that there are many ways to do so. The best way outside of hanging out with your buddies, or subjecting yourself to the various kinds of entertainment media out there, is by adopting a hobby. What's mine you may ask? Mine is art.

Art? That's not saying much now is it? Well, that's the beauty of it. Art is so liberal. It can exist in many forms and expressions. Expression is an integral part of art. Boredom is a state of mind that can be expressed. I keep myself busy now exploring any kind of art I discover. Soon you'll find that, once it becomes a habitual hobby (art being new each time it's approached), it no longer exists to stem boredom. It becomes a part of who you are. It can quite literally become the key to a door you never knew existed, opening up so many opportunities. We're the lucky ones as well, reading this you're already using the best medium to find one.

Now I always look for new ways to express myself. A part of that is looking for the inspiration to motivate my creative juices, and produce my next masterpiece (I live in a small world....my world...I'm the master in it...). To express how much I love my girlfriend, I decided to make a tribute for her; a drawing of her face, but not with my usual pencil and pad. How did I find the medium this time? I simply looked down at my desk, and found these:

Anything can be used for art ^^

There's freedom in expression.

I got one of her photos, used some software to help break the image down and then I got to work. I toiled for 6 hours to make what is now a piece of art on my wall, right above my desk. Now, I can look her image anytime I want, especially when studying and work has got me all stressed out. She calms me down, puts a smile on my face, and I get right back to work. Mind you though, I'm still searching for more ways to do my hobby :)

My baby ~ Nutcharee
So, I hope I've motivated you to kick boredom in the nuts. What you do doesn't have to be art, if you feel you aren't creative (which will be a topic featured in my blog in the future), there are plenty of things to do out there to keep you preoccupied. Good luck!!!


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