Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lazy days are Hazey days

Luke here.

Yes, that's right. I haven't disappeared, kicked the bucket, or if you're into the last Harry Potter movie as of late, disapparated. Yes, that's right, I'm still here and you're most assuredly stuck with me (erm, unless you stop following my blog, and never come back......please don't do that).

Why haven't I written in so long? Unless the title hasn't already given it away, it has mostly been because I'm lazy. Utterly and unabashedly lazy. I'm back in Kuwait for the summer, and I'm juggling bowling, my internship and lots and lots (and I mean LOTS!!) of sleep.

That smile? He err....he's on Prozac.

I got back into bowling after taking a year-long break. I didn't think I was going to play again, at least not this soon, and at first I almost didn't. But I was convinced to play and after a short practice session, and I do mean short, I tried my luck in a tournament. In Kuwait, bowling is big enough to warrant monthly tournaments. I made the cut into the semis and after 9 games therein, I played an average of 187 and jumped the cut into the step-ladder round. Not bad me thinks for being out of the game for that long. But don't be impressed too soon! I choked in the step-ladder and played a 147, losing to a 191 game. Kudos to the winner. Still, finished 7th out of 40 and I pocketed some cash and went home a happy man ;].

Unfortunately, not the kind of bowling I was talking about.

So now that Ramadan is fast approaching, the traditional Ramadan bowling tournament is already underway, and I've zeroed in on it (I just read Chris Ryan's "The One That Got Away", so I'm into Spec. Ops lingo xP). I'm drooling (no, not literally!) over the prospect of competing in this one ;].

Elsewhere? Yes, elsewhere. I'm doing my internship this summer, a requirement to graduate from my university. And thus far, I've been enjoying it. It's a small office primarily focused on designing villas. After reproducing a set of plans, I was tasked to redesign and propose an altered interior plan of a villa, where the clients requested the installation of a panoramic lift. Yes, you have read right. A panoramic lift. Quite a novelty, but it certainly made life a little hard for us architects (and intern). your living room...any thoughts?

So anyway, that required us to redraw the plans and redesign the en suites. It was quickly solved and the clients agreed with the new plans. Mission accomplished. So now, I've been asked to come up with a proposal for a cinema complex to be built on a large lot. It's quite a departure from villas but it follows closely behind what we do at uni. I've already got some random ideas popping up in my head and a few abstract sketches down. So it'll be fun ^^.

I know, it looks like scribble to anyone other than me xP.
 Okay, okay, I'm not going to write everything I'm doing all in one post. I'll save it so I can post in tid-bits and keep my blog a little more regular. But I'll finish up with a portrait I did, one of many I intend to do =]. Enjoy.



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