Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue Shell Lives!!!

The Spring has set in fully now, and the weather has gotten warmer. Each day is a beautiful one, but unfortunately, along with the Season of Love, comes the hordes of mosquitoes hellbent on eating me raw!!! My roomie Hasan and I invested in a little bottle of water called OFF!. So far, it has worked wonders. I can now have uninterrupted sleep.

So far, this week has brought good news. Where do I start...well, I'll save the best for last. During May, my department will have what it's calling 'Design Week', where myself, and the other students will participate in workshops, some of which might result in actual productions of design within the campus, such as street furniture. I'll be signing up for one in which we'll design a 2d shape and manipulate it into 3d to design a pavilion. It certainly has piqued my interest. Apparently though, no student has a choice. If we don't participate, we'll receive an NG for our studio course!!! It's looking like it'll be a fun although tiring week, since our design studios don't stop!

Elsewhere, EMU (That's Eastern Mediterranean University) had applied for accreditation from a distinguished international body (I forget the name). It's been 3 years in the process, and we were informed in class today that EMU has passed each stage until the final. This involves an evaluation board to come and, well, evaluate our facilities. As such, a student representative for each year has to be elected, and having been nominated, I have won. I now hold the distinction of being my year's representative. What does that mean or entail? I haven't got a bloody clue!!! I'm sure I'll have to be on my best behaviour during the board's visit (so no whoopee cushions I'm afraid). To be honest, all of this is quite a revelation for me. A very positive one I might say.

 And I now reveal the best news this week: BLUE SHELL LIVES!!! Huh? What? Yes, yes, your questions will be answered. Firstly, what is Blue Shell? Well, Blue Shell is the name of our football team entered into a tournament organized by EMU. I think I saw around 11 other teams registered, so this will be interesting. It was a last minute decision made by the lads and myself, and so this morning I went and registered us. The roster consists of the following, in no particular order:
Mohammed Homsi (Hamoude AKA Link)
Talha Ali (Bubble Boy)
Sufiyan Ali (Legoman)
Hamza Mohsin
Amir Siddiqui
Mustafa Atique
Mohammed Bilal Asif
Rasem Khulusi
Farhan Khan
Peter Chime
Fuad Abu Khalaf
Eyad Sawalmeh
Mahdi Daoud
Myself (Height)

We're in the tournament just for kicks (No pun intended), and we're certainly not expecting anything, though that won't stop us from giving it our best!! I'm posted (again, no pun intended) as goalie. So, I'll be able to bark orders to my defenders, always a plus. The team is named after the podcast started and currently produced by Hamoude, Sufiyan, Faisal and Mahdi, which itself was named after a weapon usable in the Mario Kart video games. Video games are the topic of discussion in the podcast, and it can be reached here:!/home.php?sk=group_187133794655429&ap=1



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