Monday, May 30, 2011

Ignorance is bliss

Ok, I have a legitimate and good reason for not blogging for a while. I've been up to my neck with coursework and exams. I'm done with my design jury and now I'm wrapping up the finals, and consequently, my 3rd year in university.

Today I'll be writing about music choice, specifically while studying. I'll admit that my choice is quite narrow, even when I'm in a fickle mood. I'll rotate around soft rock, punk rock and alternative music. On the rare occasion, I'll switch to a bit of house, techno and some harder rock. I've never been good at picking up on lyrics from songs. Unless I concentrate on what is being said (sung), the words are lost upon me. Music seems to play in the background of my mind, which explains why I'm horrible at singing along to songs. It seems the ramble in my head won't be replaced by anything XP. The benefit to this, is that I can study and read while listening to music. Right now, I'm treating my ears to a Turkish song. Its slow and beautifully paced melody is heavenly. It's akin to listening to any other song to me, but even when I'm concentrating here, it's still lost on me, because I don't know Turkish. When I listen to the song, I imagine a message of a pledge of unending love. I'll admit, I'm helped along by the music video, which involves an old couple. It's so calming, I can only sit and remove myself from worry. Here, ignorance really is bliss. Unless, knowing what he is singing about makes it that much more appealing and meaningful (which it probably does).

So I suggest you give the song a try. Don't worry too much about what he is actually saying, but try letting your imagination fill in for him. It works wonderfully for me. In a word; Tranquility.


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